Jenny Gorman

Jenny Gorman shoots a wide range of subjects and styles: Some of the gallery sections of her website are titled "Faces", "Celebrations", and "Objects" and are descriptive of the subjects in each series. A very creative and original photographer, Jenny's work is sure to inspire.

Woody Woodroof

Large scale photograms, cyanotypes, some as large as seven feet, are but some of the images Woody produces. Most often the plants and weeds on The Red Wiggler Community Farm, which he founded, become the subjects of his imagery.

Gordon Stettinius

Gordon Stettinius shows a wide range of styles and subjects and makes extensive use of plastic cameras. Portraits feature prominently in his work, and his work can include social commentary and humor such as in his Mangini Studio Series.

Michelle Bates

Michelle has been a passionate photographer since she was young, and learned her way around a camera in 1991 at the Maine Photographic Workshops, where she first discovered the Holga. Since then, Michelle has shown work in solo exhibitions in the Pacific Northwest, New York, Los Angeles and Israel, and in group shows around the US, Italy, Germany & Thailand. Her book, "Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity" was published in late 2006 by Focal Press and the second edition in October 2010.

Ted Orland

Ted's work covers a broad range of subjects, techniques, and formats: this includes hand coloring, use of plastic cameras, collage, panarama, digital and more.

David Grant Noble

David Grant Noble has had a wide ranging career that has included writing and photographing since the 1960s. Among his many photographic projects, he has documented Mohawk iron workers, and later Ojibwe wild rice harvesters in Wisconsin and Minnnesota. Noble has written eleven books mostly on the ancient archaeology of the southwest.

Ford Robbins

Ford has been creating abstract visual imagery of the New Mexico and American landscape for over 35 years. Robbins also provides commercial photographic services including film, digital, retouching, and restoration and pre-press services to artists and others.

Other Photography Sites

Penumbra Foundation

An extensive website and foundation that covers non-silver amd non-traditional processes. They offer workshops, lectures, a store and especially of note is their tintype studio. Visit them for a free tour when in New York city.


Lomography is an amazing source for low tech and specialty film cameras. Do you want to shoot 110 film, medium format, or maybe a panaramic format? All those choices are available and even more, browse this site and let your imagination run wild with the possibilities.


Another great resource for low tech and modified film cameras. The site deals in modified Holgas, other modified and adapted cameras, and pinhole cameras to name just a few things.

Pinhole Camera Design Calculator

This link is to the design calculator, but the entire site is full of information and calculators for those building their own pinhole camera.

The Pinhole Gallery

A website dedicated to the celebration of the pinhole camera image. Here you can see a number of galleries and photos uploaded by regular people, you can even upload and unleash your own pinhole images upon the world.

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

This website invites everyone the whole world over to take pinhole camera images on Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day (in 2014 it's on April 27) and upload them to the website to share with the world. See the latest gallery and become inspired.

Curious Camera

Host to a yearly photography competition for pinhole, plastic, vintage, instant and cellphone camera made images. You can view the galleries and the images that have won in past competitions.